Doom is about to get a co-op campaign - on your table

If you've been enjoying mowing down the hordes of Hell in Doom, but still wish the experience was a bit more… tactile, I've got good news for you: Fantasy Flight Games has announced Doom: The Board Game, coming winter 2016. And it looks pretty freakin' good.

Reading FFG's description, it sounds like Doom: The Board Game will play out like a mix of Bethesda's fast-paced FPS with a dose of Dungeons & Dragons thrown in the mix. If you're familiar with Star Wars: Imperial Assault or Descent, you could also make reasonable comparisons to those games. Don't think this is the same Doom board game from 2004, though. This is explicitly based on Bethesda's recent game. Anyhoo.

Four players will take on the role of marines, each with their own loadouts and deck of cards representing their abilities and gear. A separate deck can be added and used later for further customization. Meanwhile, one player takes on the role of "the invader," commanding the legions of Imps, Pinkies, Cacodemons, and other monsters.

Map tiles can be assembled in multiple configurations (kind of like the video game version's SnapMap), and there's even the ability to respawn and perform Glory Kills. This isn't a "let's take it slow and cautious" type of game, and in fact players will have to be killed multiple times for the invader player to win. Plus, those miniatures are seriously cool.

Next time the family wants to bust out Monopoly for board game night, I know what I'm going to suggest as an alternative. At least until that Dark Souls board game is available.

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