Doom Eternal PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade live now

Doom Eternal
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The Doom Eternal PS5 and Xbox Series X update is out now, bringing with it enhanced visuals and performance for those who own the consoles. 

The update is currently rolling out now and is a free upgrade for any players who own the game on either the PS4 and Xbox One. The update is fairly large, coming in at a whopping 68GB on the PS5. If you have the hard drive space though, it will allow the game to really breathe when you are out there tearing up demons as the Doom Guy. 

As previously reported, Doom Eternal's upgrade is free to all owners of the game, be it digital or physical. However, there is a caveat. If you have a physical version, you will have to keep a physically upgraded version. If you have a disc on the PS4, for example, you won't be able to update the game on a disc-less PS5. 

In a blog post by Bethesda, it was revealed that this update will feature improved visuals across the board and will offer performance selection. The Xbox Series X fairs the best in Performance Mode with 120 frames at 1800p, though the PS5 is only lagging slightly behind with 1584p at 120 FPS.

There is parity across the two consoles in both Balanced Mode and Ray Tracing Mode too. Balanced Mode will run at 2180p - 60fps across both, whereas Ray Tracing Mode will run at 1800p 60 FPS.

For use on the Xbox Series S, the game will have more limited options but still benefit from the update. Performance mode will allow 120fps at 1080p, and Balanced Mode at 1440p 60FPS. Unfortunately, the hardware does not offer Ray Tracing mode though. 

It's not just console players that are getting the benefit today though. PC players will also get a small bump with Ray Tracing mode, though it will be hardware dependant, of course. 

There is clearly a lot of option here, allowing players to decide on the experience they value most. Do you want pure responsiveness to pop off against demons at the highest fidelity or do you want the chaos to be as beautiful as possible? That choice is now in your hands.

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