DON'T PANIC! The Last Guardian is not dead. Sony speaks out to ease the pain

Sony doesn't comment on rumours and speculation... unless they want to. At least it seems that way. After we reported yesterday that the trademark for 'The Last Guardian' had lapsed without renewal and was therefore listed as 'abandoned', the entire internet started crying. "We'll never get the follow-up to *sniff* Ico and *sniff sniff* Shadow of the Colossu-huh-huhhhhs" it bawled in unison. But here comes Sony like good old mummy to rub it better. Sony reportedly told Game Informer's Jim Reilly:

"The project is still in development. Nothing new to report at this time."

Above: Even though everyone knows it's going to die at the end of the game

Now, wonderful though this reaffirmation is, it doesn't really allay our fears that the game is stuck in development hell. Fumito Ueda, former head of Team Ico, left the company last year, but is apparently still working closely with them to finish the project. There were some rumourings that a demo of the game would be included with the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD collection, but clearly that didn't happen.

Still, while there's any hope, any sign of brain activity on the monitor, we can't switch off the life support on our hopes that one day we'll get to play another Team Ico masterpiece. Best guess at when the game's coming? Let's just say we're not making a special effort to be good for Santa right now.

Justin Towell

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