Don't give up on your Borderlands dreams, Switch players – director says "never say never"

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Though Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has previously confirmed he “would love” to bring Borderlands to Nintendo Switch, there's been no sign that any Borderlands game – let alone the newly-released Borderlands 3 – will release on Nintendo Switch. 

If you're still keen to see the looter-shooter on your favourite handheld device, there's a thin, – but real! – ray of hope. Asked by a fan if the franchise would ever come to Switch, Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage told Greg Miller (thanks, Reddit): "never say never".

Are we clutching at straws? Maybe. A little. But we'll take any chance we can get. After all, Borderlands 2 made the jump to Sony's portable system, PS Vita. Make it happen, Gearbox.

As Alex explained earlier this week, Borderlands 3 has only been out for a week, but Vault Hunters are already reaching the max level threshold of 50, looking for new things to do as they endlessly loot farm for the best Borderlands Legendaries. Thankfully, Gearbox is about to lift the curtain on the looter shooter's ambitious post-launch roadmap, which promises to be made up of hot fixes, content updates, and the kind of big, bold story expansions that have long been a staple of the franchise since the original Borderlands in 2009. 

Borderlands 3 released on September 13, 2019, on PC via Epic Games store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, the game is giving the developer its "best numbers in Gearbox history!"

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