Borderlands 3 gets a hotfix for save data issues, and Gearbox says more fixes are on the way

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As we reported yesterday, Borderlands 3 is currently struggling with a raft of performance issues on all platforms, from laggy menus to uncontrollable FPS dips. Fortunately, one of the worst issues - lost save data - has now received a hotfix on PC via the Epic Games Store, and Gearbox says it has improvements of its own in the pipe. 

Many PC players said they'd lost progress due to what looked like a cloud save issue, and it turns out they were right. An update from Epic confirms that logging into the same account on different PCs could lead to conflict between save states, often resulting in data being lost. Epic says this was caused by a bug that blocked cloud syncing, but that this bug has now been fixed as of Monday, September 16.  

Right, that's one issue down - hopefully - and about a zillion to go. The good news is that Gearbox is on the case. In a response to the flood of bug and technical reports submitted by Borderlands 3 players in the days since the game's launch, the studio said on Twitter that more improvements are on the way. 

"Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support," the statement reads. "We want Borderlands 3 to be the best game possible and are actively monitoring your feedback. We are working on performance and quality of life improvements and will have more to share soon at [the official Borderlands site]." 

The studio didn't clarify which issues it's targeting first, and publisher 2K only referred us to the above statement when we reached out for more details. Based on player reports and our own experience playing the game, the most pressing issues are borderline-illegible split-screen menus, item and menu lag in multiplayer, and inconsistent frame rates on all platforms. Hopefully, these and other issues are addressed soon, because technical issues aside, we're enjoying our time with Borderlands 3.  

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