Borderlands 3 already has "the best numbers in Gearbox history", says Gearbox CEO

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Borderlands 3 might not have had the smoothest start – a lot of people remain unhappy the looter-shooter is tied in with an Epic Games store PC exclusivity deal, and PlayStation 4 players have been complaining about performance issues – but according to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, the game is giving the publisher its "best numbers in Gearbox history!"

"Fun Fact: On PC, the data is that the launch day peak concurrent players of Borderlands 3 is about *twice-as-high* as the all time peak concurrent players of Borderlands 2," Pitchford wrote on Twitter on release day. "WOW! You guys are great!"

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As our pals at PC Gamer calculated, that suggests Borderlands 3's concurrent peak on EGS is sitting somewhere around 248,000 players on PC, as Steamcharts states Borderlands 2 peaked at 123,596 players at launch, and SteamDB reports a little bit more at 124,678 players. Double that, though, and you've got a number just shy of 250K. 

Of course, this only concerns the PC figures – Pitchford didn't expand on how the game's sales are doing on consoles – but if accurate, it's a great debut weekend for the irreverent shooter.

Pitchford then updated his Twitter again over the weekend, adding: "Incredible day with new peak concurrency (and climbing). Best numbers in Gearbox history!"

Borderlands 3 is out now on PC via Epic Games store, PS4, and Xbox One, and you'll see a review from GamesRadar+ in the next few days as we didn't receive code in advance of launch. In the meantime, though, check out our Borderlands 3 review round up to see what everywhere else is saying about this latest iteration of looter shooter mayhem. 

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