[UPDATED] Does this image of Voldo's crotch offend you?

You may remember an image we posted last week which is being used to promote SoulCalibur V. It contained, for want of a better word, TEEETEEES! Our own Tyler Nagata ventured: "We would have gone with Voldo. Maybe that's why we're not in marketing". Well, he shouldn't have been so hard on himself. Either someone was listening or Mr Nagata is going to be headhunted very shortly, because that's exactly what happened.

Perhaps to show that there was no sexual bias going on, Namco duly ran the flip-side: A poster showing the midriff-to-thigh portion of Voldo's body. Here are both posters:

Above: According to fan translations, the writing across Voldo's stomach says 'curious?' Shudder.

If you're unfamiliar with Voldo, firstly: You're lucky. Secondly, he's the series' blind S&M fetishist with a penchant for horned codpieces who lives in a pit. And he's hella weird. While there are no horns here (only spikes), Namco still received several complaints and reportedly took the image down from SoulCalibur V's Facebook page. Possibly to a chorus of 'awww' from everyone else.

Still, it's the internet, so no image truly dies. And at least it got people talking, which is surely the point of advertising. Don Draper - eat yer heart out.

The game is out in the UK on Feb 3 in the UK, Jan 31 in the US and Feb 2 in Japan.

Source: Digital Battle

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