Doctor Who Series 7: Over 40 Locations Shots Including New Companion

New Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman was out and about in South Wales this week filming her first episode of the show… though it won’t be her first on-screen episode. The action being filmed here is for one of the episodes being shown in 2013, after the Christmas Special in which her character is introduced. The episode being filmed is written by Neil Cross ( Spooks / Luther ) and directed by Jamie Payne (A shes To Ashes / The Hour ).

The Doctor is wearing a new costume (though boots, trousers and bow tie are all intact) though looking at the extras, maybe he’s just attempting to blend in for the episode? (Anyone else getting a “Human Nature” vibe?) There’s a touch of the McGann costume about it, and Matt looks fab wearing it… even if the waistcoat is a little mundane for the Doctor, surely (he looks like he’s going to play some snooker). Maybe we’ll see a number of different coats this season following the army overcoat that suddenly made its appearance at the end of season seven?

Oh and somebody overheard Jenna-Louise’s character being called… something, but that hasn’t been made official yet, and we wouldn’t put it past Moffat to throw out some red herrings, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that information.

She’s not exactly blending in, though, is she? Looks like she will be another contemporary companion.

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