Doctor Who: Creating A Silurian

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Neill Gorton, head honcho at Millennium FX – the guys make the monsters for Doctor Who – special appearance this week at the Doctor Who Experience, turning Doctor Who fan, book writer and ex-editor of Doctor Who Magazine Gary Russell into a Silurian. He also gave us a few snippets about Millennium’s work for the last six episodes of series 6.2. (Click through to read more…)

The special make-up event at the Doctor Who Experience was a fascinating hour and a half, as Neill Gorton and his assistant Karen created a Silurian in front of our eyes. Although Gorton warned that it would be a long-winded affair, a huge number of people sat through the whole thing rapt, with others popping in and out to see how things were getting along. The best bit had to be when Gary decided to ask a question just as Neill was spray painting the mask, and ended up with an impromptu green tongue.

Sadly our camera decided to go on the fritz again, so we couldn’t film the final results (that darned thing had better be under guarantee) and we can’t bring you the wonderful sight of lots of kids touching the finished mask with a mixture of trepidation and delight on their faces. It really was very sweet. However, BBC Enterprises has promised us a photo we’ll stick on the site as soon as possible.

It’s also good to see that the exhibition area has been updated with lots of stuff from series 6.1, including the ersatz TARDIS console from “The Doctor’s Wife” and some Silence hanging spookily from the ceiling.

Dave Golder
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