Doctor Doom voices his dismay in Midnight Suns #1 preview

Midnight Suns #1 panel
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is relaunching its venerable Midnight Sons team of horror-themed heroes in October as the Midnight Suns, with a slightly revised team name and a totally new roster inspired by the upcoming Midnight Suns video game.

We've got a freshly summoned preview of Midnight Suns #1 straight from the mystic realms (or from Marvel Comics, whichever you prefer) showing a few interior pages from the debut issue. You can see the new team, including how some of the new team members, including Magik, Wolverine, and Kushala the Spirit Rider come together, as well as a glimpse of their first big enemy Doctor Doom.

Check out the pages from writer Ethan Sacks, artists Luigi Zagaria and Antonio Fabela, and letterer Joe Sabino right here:

Along with Wolverine and Magik of the X-Men and Kushala the Spirit Rider (a Ghost Rider from the past displaced to the present), the new Midnight Suns team includes Blade the vampire hunter, Wanda Maximoff's mysterious mentor Agatha Harkness, Nico Minoru of the Runaways, and finally Zoe Laveau, a student at the magical Strange Academy.

The original Midnight Sons is a team of supernatural heroes including Blade and Morbius (yes, they were often at odds as you can imagine). But the new Midnight Suns action strategy game, in which players create and control their own original character named The Hunter, has slightly redefined the concept to include non-supernatural Marvel heroes uniting with magically-based heroes to combat a demonic threat.

Midnight Suns #1 goes on sale September 14.

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