Do your homework

Game over

So what did we learn from watching this match? Expanding aggressively and rushing your opponents with Tech 1 units is a great strategy. Basic managed to take control of the majority of the map's resource nodes early on and kept Eschez on defense from the beginning. But the more units and tertiary bases you're managing, the harder it is to keep your economy in order. Notice how Eschez was able to stave off total annihilation by building defense points, using his units more efficiently, and making the most of his ACU, while Basic lagged behind in climbing the tech tree and stuck with his strategy of swarming Eschez with Tech 1 cronies. It was a well played match on both parts, but in the end, Eschez was able to pull off a sneaky victory by taking out Basic's unguarded ACU by surprise, proving that rushing isn't the only viable tactic in top-ranked matches.

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