Do your homework

Supreme Commander's GPG Net just got a facelift on March 20 with a neat map that shows the locations of players and ongoing matches all around the world. But our favorite (and most used) feature is still the Replay Vault, which lets you watch saved matches from the world's top-ranked players.

We were tired of getting rushed, bombed, and blasted to smithereens, so we decided to take a closer look at a match featuring Eschez, the number one ranked Supreme Commander player in the world, to see how he handled an aggressive rush from another top-ranked player, Basic.

This was one of the most surprising matches we've ever seen, and we were able to glean a few handy bits of information by observing these pros at work. Here's the statistics on the two masters of micromanagement featured in this match.

Map: Open Palms

Green: "Eschez"
Rank: 1
Wins: 60
Losses: 2
Draws: 1
Win Percentage: 96.03 %
Faction: Aeon Illuminate
Color: Green

Red: "basic"
Rank: 28
Wins: 100
Losses: 47
Draws: 2
Win Percentage: 67.79 %
Faction: Aeon Illuminate
Color: Red

We've captured the match on tape and sped it up below. Watch the dancing dots and click 'Next' below for an up close and personal look at how the heck Eschez escaped certain doom.