DLC packs go to retail with Sony-GameStop partnership

Say, you know those extra Call of Duty maps on the PlayStation Store? Don't you wish you could buy those without having to use a credit card? Well, soon you'll be able to thanks to a new initiative between Sony and GameStop.

We mentioned earlier that GameStopiswising-up to digital content, and to that effect,the #1 games retailer in the US will be introducing new physical DLC cards as a way to promote digital goods during the holiday season.

GameStop no doubt feels slighted by the shift to digital content. The store has virtually no way to make any money out of the millions of dollars exchanged through Apple's App Store every day, and increased offerings on Xbox Live, PSN, andespecially Steamare shifting sales away from traditional physical retail products.

Sony has been the most active console player, by far, in creating retail space for digital content. In addition to its PlayStation Network gift cards, consumers are able to buy PlayStation Plus memberships and downloadable games at brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

More than 1.25 billion pieces of digital content have been downloaded through the PlayStation Network since its inception in 2006. That's roughly an average of 10 downloads every single second over those four years.

"We are always looking for new ways PlayStation Network users can expand, extend and enhance their overall entertainment experience," said Sony Computer Entertainment America sales VP Tim Bender in a statement.

GameStop said it expects to mainly offer only those DLC items that cost more than $10, so don't expect to see Rock Band track cards available any time soon. Of course, any PlayStation Network gift card will allow users to download anything they want. But Sony and GameStop see value in having lots of shelf space to showcase the different digital offerings available.

Nov 10, 2010