GameStop wising up to digital realities

Digital distribution may be slowly killing brick and mortar game retailers, but GameStop isn't about to drift off into the sunset just yet.

In a recent chat about the retailer's future prospects, Chris Petrovic - a senior VP, general manager and GameStop's go-to guy for its digital strategy - admitted that the company is aware of its impending fate and that it has some solid plans to keep GameStop in the black.

%26ldquo;One of the primary drivers was to enable our company to get smarter about the emerging business models,%26rdquo; said Petrovic,who later hintedat one day making PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade games available through GameStop's online stores.

This, of course, is over and above GameStop's recent (and expensive) acquisition of the flash game developer Jolt and gaming website Kongregate. Combined with its strategy to get in on the digital action, it certainly sounds as GameStophas some kind ofstrategy in place.

Still, while the digital delivery of games is only bound to become bigger and more complex, Petrovic believes that there will still be a place in gamers' hearts for good old fashioned physical stores, saying: "The communal environment is still important.%26rdquo;

Well, is it?

Nov 5, 2010

[Source: GameSpot]

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