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The Division gets paid DLC outfits on day one

The Division (opens in new tab) is out, and it has day-one DLC - but it's purely of the cosmetic variety. Newly activated sleeper agents can cosplay as more typical members of the armed forces by buying either the Marine Forces Outfits Pack, above, or the Military Specialists Outfits Pack, below, on their digital storefront of choice for $4.99 / £3.99.

Ubisoft has been saying for a while that The Division won't offer performance-boosting microtransactions (opens in new tab), and these new packs, both of which come with four outfits, seem to square with those assurances. Those kevlar helmets may look rugged, but they offer the same protection as any other headgear in The Division: none. They're just another option for your Appearance menu. Don't forget to snag those free Agent Origins outfits (opens in new tab) if you want even more options.

That's not to say you won't want to spend extra money on The Division to remain competitive. Three paid DLC expansions (opens in new tab) will each introduce new challenges for seasoned players, likely with commensurate rewards. Hopefully the free content updates (opens in new tab) (which add new modes like Incursions) will help expansion-less players continue to be a threat in the PvP-enabled Dark Zone.

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Connor Sheridan
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