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Make The Division's best gun even better with this video

The M1A marksman rifle is the sweetheart of The Division player community. It fires fast and true, and it has (literally) killer headshot bonus damage. But you're not getting the most out of your weapon if you're wasting time re-aiming after every shot, or worse, frequently missing. This YouTube video makes a strong argument for focusing your mods on one stat you might otherwise overlook: stability.

Reducing recoil by building up stability doesn't have the same gut appeal of stacking bonus damage or critical hit chance. But turning your marksman rifle into an unrelenting headshot machine more than makes up for the difference. Even if you're heartbroken to find an M1A that is perfect in every way except for having the Balanced talent, you can always take it to the Recalibration Station in your Base of Operations (try saying that three times fast) and roll the dice on a new talent.

Update: Ah man, I forgot that you can only use the Recalibration Station to re-roll gear talents, not weapon talents. My bad!

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