The Division Easter egg is already inspiring conspiracy theories (thanks Destiny)

The Division (opens in new tab) is basically made of Easter eggs (opens in new tab), but most of them discovered so far have been overt pop culture references rather than inscrutable mysteries. This one, dug up by Reddit user chowdapowa, definitely falls into the latter camp. It's an odd little diversion, involving activating a series of buttons hidden inside one of the game's missions, and it's not clear if we've seen all there is to it yet.

Is turning on a few hidden lights really the end, or is there something else that we're missing? Could the lights' cycling colors be some kind of coded message? Are we all just accustomed to reading way too much into secrets thanks to Destiny (opens in new tab), with its hidden Exotic quest lines (opens in new tab) and basketball courts (opens in new tab)?

The video was only posted yesterday, so there's still plenty of time to get in on the investigation yourself. If nothing else, it looks like a great place to do some jumping jacks.

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