District 9 director Neil Blomkamp's new horror Demonic gets release date

District 9
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Neill Blomkamp's next movie is a horror called Demonic, and thanks to a new deal, we only have to wait until August 20 until it arrives. The Hollywood Reporter reports that IFC Midnight – home of horror movies like the heartbreaking Relic and the Alien-esque Sputnik – grabbed the US rights in a new deal. 

Demonic is Blomkamp's first major movie since Chappie and was filmed during the pandemic. It tells the story of a family rift between mother and daughter (relatable) and the terrifying demons that are released as a result. Carly Pope, who also appeared in Blomkamp's Elysium and hilarious Cooking with Bill series, will star in Demonic along with Chris William Martin and Michael Rogers.

Previous reports from Deadline stated that Demonic was filmed with on-set COVID-19 protocols in British Columbia, Canada, during Summer 2020. The movie is said to feature a "strong sci-fi and VFX component in keeping with Blomkamp’s previous three movies." 

Blomkamp has previously been tied to projects like RoboCop Returns and even an Alien movie, Alien: Awakening, but despite fan enthusiasm, these have fallen through. Since Elysium Blomkamp has teased fans with the release of a number of short films through his Oats Studios project. He also confirmed earlier this year that a District 9 sequel is still in the works and currently being written. 

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Until Demonic hits theaters in August, you can check out the best horror movies while you wait. 

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