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Sundance 2011: Distributors flock to Margin Call

margin call sundance 2011

The red-hot festival buzz surrounding banking catastrophe drama Margin Call brought out the crowds at this morning's Sundance screening - it was full to capacity within minutes of the doors opening.

A Sundance staffer was heard to comment that the room was full of 'every single distributor' - and before lights down, head honcho Harvey Weinstein turned up.

Why the interest? Margin Call boasts a top drawer cast (Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany, Demi Moore, Zachary Quinto) and zeitgeist subject matter, charting as it does a Lehman Bros style meltdown in a fat-cat investmant bank.

Writer/director JC Chandon's portentous script explains the genus of the financial crisis in bite-sized terms and provides several speech-making moments for the players. All of which points to possible award-bothering potential.

So who'll pick up North American and UK rights? Will Mr Weinstein be making a bid?