Disney Dreamlight Valley players are decoding the cozy life sim's secret language

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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A Disney Dreamlight Valley player may have just uncovered what one of the Lost Diaries pages says, despite it being written in a fictional language. 

As shared on Reddit, one Disney Dreamlight Valley player has translated a page of the Lost Diaries from the fictional language Atlantean - as found in the 2001 Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire - to English. Considering this is a torn page, the translation isn't crystal clear, but what we can see seems accurate in the context of the game. 

According to this Reddit user, this particular page reads: "[T]his diary belongs to ruler of [d]reamlight [v]alley." The rest of the page is a little too unclear to decipher but it looks as though it might contain the words "private" and "read". I suppose we'll need to gather more of the pages to understand this diary entry completely. 

i_may_or_may_not_have_taught_myself_to_write_in from r/DreamlightValley

If you don't know, the 'Old Ruler's Lost Diaries' are a collectible within the magical life sim which, when they're all collected, will actually reveal the history behind The Forgetting as well as what happened to the Old Ruler who is currently missing in-game. Thankfully for all the eager Disney Dreamlight Valley players out there, this Atlantean-fluent player may be able to reveal what the diaries say before the game does.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been an instant success for developer Gameloft, who only launched the game earlier this month. There have been mixed reactions to some of the characters that feature in the Disney game though as several players have suggested that Donald should seek some anger management classes. Others have also proposed that Goofy should get a better understanding of personal space and that Mickey needs to stop being creepy as he's turning Disney Dreamlight Valley into a horror game.

Speaking of codes, you can enter Disney Dreamlight Valley redemption codes to get exclusive items. Still in need of a little help with getting started? Take a look at our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide too.

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