25 video game characters and their uncanny lookalikes

Face to face

And so it's come to this - a lookalikes article But hey, lookalikes are always fun. Consider Dennis Quaid. Yes, there really is a first time for everything. He may be a bit of a budget rate Harrison Ford - I hear he even crashes paper aeroplanes into mini-golf courses - but that hasn't ever stopped him from landing top roles in major motion pictures. Movies like American Dreamz, The Parent Trap and of course Enemy Mine. Top, top roles

Today's big list of oddities casts its eye over those video gaming icons who just so happen to share a striking similarity with other famous faces. And it's not just about looks either - as each entry comes with its very own 'GR-omatic personality comparison', a feature that I'm calling 'utterly clutching at straws'. Enjoy!

But first, a quick note on criteria - I've dispensed with some of the better known comparisons. Yes internet - everyone knows Final Fantasy 7's Barret looks just like Mr T. Also, those games that have quite clearly nicked someone else's likeness for their own selfish ends - here's looking at your 90% of fighting game characters - have been given a miss.

Tidus (Final Fantasy 10) & Meg Ryan (lots of films)

Once touted as prime examples of visual splendour, both Tidus and Ryan would eventually undergo massive facial remodelling. Sadly, rather than revitalising their-now aged appearance, this process was instead badly botched, leaving both parties to look as though they were sporting poor-quality plastic masks of themselves.

Robert (The Last of Us) & Jerome Flynn (Bronn - Game of Thrones)

Despite their eerie similarity, Robert was actually modelled on mo-cap and voice acting mainstay Robin Atkin Downes. Downes is notable for providing the pipes behind Master Miller (Metal Gear Solid 5), as well as Resistance 3's Joe Capelli. Interestingly, neither man looks anything alike in real life. Oh, and while you're here, Flynn once enjoyed a 7 week stay at the top of the UK pops with his cover of 'Unchained Melody'. True story.

Dante DMC & Hayden Christensen (Anakin - the Star Wars prequels)

It seems Dante and Mr. Christensen actually have a lot in common. For one thing, they were both victims of a large-scale fan backlash, having dared to portray iconic characters in [semi-spoiler for DMC] a prequel capacity (DMC's reboot status locks it in as sort of a prequel). They're also both fairly adept at swordplay, and harbour some really weird family issues. Why, they're practically 'soul-alikes'.

Mortal Kombat's Darrius & Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter White may not be able to match the sheer muscle mass of his MK 'kounterpart', but these two terrors still have a whole lot in common. Both were once regular joes - or about as regular as the Mortal Kombat universe can allow, in Darrius' case - before giving in to their unscrupulous and highly-ambitious dark sides. A violent criminal with a genius streak - now where have we seen that before?

Sam Becker (Far Cry 3) & Scott Ian (Anthrax guitarist)

Like Becker, Ian is also something of a dab hand at Poker, competing and occasionally even winning at top international tournaments. Unlike Becker, he probably doesn't have to worry about getting himself shivved.

Knuckles & The Predator

Like the Predator, Knuckles rejoices in flaying his enemies alive and err well no, there isn't actually all that much these two have in common. It is worth noting, however that both parties are capable of teaming up with their opponents should the situation prove dire enough. Good news indeed, if you happen to be Sonic the Hedgehog, or Danny Glover

Benjamin Travis (Hitman: Absolution) & Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson - Parks & Recreation)

High-ranking government officials with an equally surly demeanour, Travis and Swanson could easily be twins. Of course, Swanson is actually a nice guy, unlike Travis, who's about as bad as it gets. Plus there's no way a one-armed Ron would allow himself to be seen in a government-funded metal prosthetic. He'd sooner hew one of his own, out of solid oak, like a real man.

Fatso (Mars War Logs) & Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you thought Mars: War Logs was a big ol' failure, gimme a 'Hell yeah'. Still, at least it introduced the world to this 23 stone (cold) Steve Austin. Going by the highly appropriate moniker of 'Fatso', (I guess Mars doesn't do political correctness) this bald-headed beast bears all of the trash-talking, gruff voiced hallmarks of his pro wrestling counterpart. Oh, except he's also a prison rapist.

Francis (Left 4 Dead 2) & The Undertaker

There was a time, back when WWE was attempting to be a tad more realistic, that the soul-snatching phantom that is The Undertaker transformed himself into a badass biker. This iteration of 'Taker happened to look a whole lot like Left 4 Dead's Francis, with both parties rocking similar facial hair, clothing and arm-spanning tattoos. One is 'the Deadman', the other just fights the dead, man.

Samuel James Riley
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