25 video game characters and their uncanny lookalikes

Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto 4) & Brian O'Halloran (Dante - Clerks 2)

Had the Bellic boys been born within New Jersey, you can bet their lives would've looked a whole lot like those of Dante and Randal. Clerks' listless slackers spend their entire lives disposed to strange, even quasi-philosophical musings, as well as bemoaning their lots and irritating one another to no end. Sound like anyone you know? 'Hey cousin, let's play street hockey!'.

Cid (Final Fantasy 8) & Robin Williams

Aside from looking an awful lot alike, Final Fantasy 8's Cid and the late Robin Williams shared a good many other similarities. They're both warm, giving and hugely respected individuals who're nonetheless too quick to doubt themselves. Sad face.

Rubi Malone (WET) & Lena Headey (Cersei - Game of Thrones)

WET didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was released back in 2009. Get it? Because it'd extinguish the flame like how this strained series of puns is extinguishing your enthusiasm for this article. Speaking of mismatched elements, (Ice & Fire anyone?) Game of Thrones' Lena Headey is a reet good doppleganger for the game's acrobatic heroine Rubi, and like Headey's own Cersei Lannister, Miss Malone is also known to spend a large proportion of her time navigating the rough waters of familial intrigue.

The Actress (The Casting - Heavy Rain Demo) & Catherine Reitman (Maureen Ponderosa - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Remember the then-mind-blowing tech demo for Heavy Rain at E3 2006? Well, it turns out that the woman who appeared in that little sequence was herself based upon French-American actress Aurlie Bancilhon. So yeah, that's the comparison sorted. Goodnight folks! No no, wait. That's way too easy, we can't just use the real people involved. That's cheating. How about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's very own Maureen Ponderosa instead? They look alike, and they're both quite highly strung. Winner.

Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV) & Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Sure, it's not a 1:1 comparison, but these two tavern-dwellers are regardless quite a lot alike. Both exhibit a strong anti-authoritarian streak, as well as a love of good ale. Likewise, both men are forced to swiftly mature by the gravity of their particular situations. Simply put, their actions put the lives of those they love in peril, and only by rekindling their honour can either man ever hope to return to normality.

Luis Sera (Resident Evil 4) & Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn - Lord of the Rings)

Not content with merely looking the same, both Luis and Aragorn started their respective adventures in similarly enigmatic fashion. Both begin as mysterious - even potentially dangerous - figures, at least as far as the then-protagonists are concerned, before later unveiling themselves as key allies.

Emperor Mateus (Final Fantasy 2) & David Bowie (Jareth - Labyrinth)

Antagonistic, arrogant, royalty - three words that just about sum up both of these kingly villains. However, where Mateus cares only for conquest, Bowie's Jareth remains a slightly more nuanced character. Nuanced in the sense that he longs to be worshipped, whilst Mateus hates just about everyone.

Emily Wyatt (Deadly Premonition) & Naomi Watts (lots of films)

There isn't a great deal of comparison to be made between these two, save for the fact that both individual's bios mention moving around as kids (thanks, Wikipedia!). At least Watts' destinations never included a stint in the veritable Twin Peaks of video gaming. Unlucky, Emily.

Yuri (Lost Planet) & James Franco (Dave Skylark - The Interview)

Let's hope you're as malleable as Mr Fantastic, because this one's going to be a stretch Okay, so both men (Yuri and Skylark) had an idea to help people. They decided to try to further this goal by teaming up with some less-than-reputable chaps (NEVEC & North Korea, respectively). Sadly, neither group had any genuine intention of helping our heroes, betraying them soon thereafter. Thankfully, both men's actions did contribute towards an eventual victory. How's that?

Cosmo Faulkner (Hitman: Absolution) & Lennie James (Sol - Snatch)

A bit part player in the latest Hitman title, joined by a bit part player from the world of film. Despite being cast as minor supporting characters, both James and Faulkner would seem to be on the up, with Absolution hinting at bigger things from Faulkner in an potential sequel, while James' recurring role in the Walking Dead earned him some major plaudits.

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