Diesel in Transit and making Rules

After a few years spluttering his way through movies like A Man Apart and The Pacifier, Vin Diesel is trying to get his career back in a forward gear with two spanking new projects.

The shiny-bonced former doorman has signed up to star in Black Water Transit, an actioner from newbie helmer Samuel Bayer, based on the novel from Carsten Stroud. Currently in pre-production and working from a script by Hostage scripter Doug Richardson, Vin will share the set with Kevin Bacon, Spiderman star James Franco and Hotel Rwanda’s Sophie Okonedo.

The story centres on a gang of criminals and cops as they collide over a shipment of illegal firearms and a bout of homicides – the movie is set to begin shooting in Chicago in July.

Diesel is also prepping for Player’s Rules, a romantic comedy being scripted by Ron Bass and Jen Smolka - the gang behind the typewriter for xXx and The Fast And The Furious. The V-Man will also hold the purse strings for the flick, with his company One Race Films working alongside Touchstone Pictures.

The movie aims to shed some light on the differences between men and women... Yeah, good luck with that.