Diablo 4 players are still searching for the cow level, and now they have new evidence

Diablo 4 Druid build
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Diablo 4 players have uncovered what could be new evidence of a secret cow level.

Yes, the new hotness among Diablo 4 all revolves around a cow. The "secret cow level" has existed in various Blizzard games, including most crucially Diablo 2, and now Diablo 4 players are trying to track down the new game's secret cow level, which may or may not exist.

As reported by Wowhead, the hunt has an intriguing new development. Players have dug into Diablo 4's game files and found a cut Cellar in Scosglen called Forlorn Hovel, which was allegedly found in multiple map tools during the game's beta earlier this year, but was never accessible.

Most curiously, this Cellar would've been in an area of a map that is inexplicably shaped like a cow's head. Yes, we know what you're thinking, but the Highland Wilds area of Scosglen genuinely looks like a cow's head, inadvertently giving life to the community investigation.

And to top it all off, the place where Forlorn Hovel would've been located were it in the game is surrounding by actual cows. Either Blizzard is really going hard with teasing Diablo 4's player base around this secret cow level, or all of this has been one huge accident. We're not sure which we'd rather at this point.

Forlorn Hovel isn't in Diablo 4 yet, but we know there'll be dozens of updates and new content for Blizzard's game further down the line. The game's files could've let slip one future Cellar. Or it could be lost to the void of cut content. 

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