Diablo 4 open beta patch fixes Ashava world boss spawn timer

Diablo 4 official keyart showing Lillith
(Image credit: Blizzard)

A forthcoming Diablo 4 patch fixes a number of issues ahead of this weekend's open beta run, including the Ashava boss's spawn timer.

"There will be a small client patch prior to Open Beta to address some bugs and issues that players may have experienced last weekend," Blizzard says on the webpage for the patch notes.

According to Blizzard, the patch includes a fix for an issue where players couldn't see a queue timer while in the queue and addresses something that should result in improved wait times. Furthermore, we'll now know exactly when the Diablo 4 open beta's only world boss will appear, as Blizzard has "fixed an issue with Ashava's spawn timer."

Whereas last weekend there was some confusion around when Ashava would spawn, now Blizzard has confirmed that the world boss will spawn on Saturday, March 25 at 10am, and then a couple hours later at 12pm noon, later that night at 10pm, and one more time at 12am midnight. These times are all in PDT, so adjust to your local time zone as necessary.

The other fixes included in the patch address instances of players being blocked during the In Her Wake Quest, issues related to High Texture Settings with 16 GB of RAM, a bug in which the UI showed some completed challenges as "not started," and miscellaneous crashes. Finally, the patch should fix an issue that prevented some couch co-op players from having the second player drop in during the prologue.

Once you get the patch downloaded, here's how to access the Diablo 4 beta so you're primed for this weekend.

Jordan Gerblick

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