Diablo 4 director says "we aren't kidding about the drop rate of Uber Uniques" in Season 2

Diablo 4
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As part of Diablo 4 Season 2, the "uber" part of Uber Uniques is easing off a bit, as Blizzard says it wants to make sure that the items, while still exceedingly rare, will now actually be within the realm of collectability for normal players.

During today's Diablo 4 developer update stream, associate game director Joseph Piepiora explained that the new Uber Unique system starts with the endgame bosses. "When you kill Varshan and you kill the Galvanic Saint in World Tier 4," he begins, "they drop summoning components that you need to summon Duriel, King of Maggots, who is a new level 100 boss that we're adding as part of the seasonal experience, who has a chance to drop Unique items, as well as a low chance to drop Uber Unique items." 

Here, the on-stream discussion paused for a moment to address what a "low chance" means when it comes to Uber Uniques in Season 2. "You will absolutely know people that have Uber Uniques after this goes live, and there's a way for you to farm them specifically from going after Duriel," Piepiora said.

"It is still not like every time you kill Duriel, you are going to get an Uber Unique item. They are still very rare, relative to other item types. But it's not like it was in the past. You're going to see people in your clan that have Uber Uniques, you're going to know people that have Uber Uniques. You have a way to hunt for these in this world. So that's a really big push as part of the new seasonal program."

In a tweet, game director Joe Shely adds: "We aren’t kidding about the drop rate of Uber Uniques from Duriel in Season 2 of Diablo 4. They’ll still be rare drops, but folks who get the fight on farm are going to see them."

The devs previously told GamesRadar+ that Uber Unique farming would get slightly easier with the Season 2 bosses, and now we've got far more detail on how it'll actually work. As previously announced, Season 2 is set to go live on October 17.

Diablo 4 is coming to Steam alongside the launch of Season 2. 

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