Watch Diablo 4 gameplay for all three classes revealed so far

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Thirsting for more monster-exploding, loot-hoarding Diablo 4 gameplay after that quick trailer at Blizzcon? You're in luck. Thanks to the dedicated game players and game recorders at Game Informer, we now have almost an hour of footage pulled straight from an early build of Diablo 4, showing how each of the three currently confirmed classes performed while adventuring on their own and in co-op (which you'll hopefully be able to do yourself in Diablo 4 cross-play some day).

Each of the classes playable at BlizzCon had a few different aesthetic variants available during character selection, and it sounds like more will be available in the full game. Aside from earning and equipping new loot, that's the extent of character customization players were able to do - naturally, there's a whole lot more on the way. But here's what Blizzard is willing to show so far.

Diablo 4 Barbarian gameplay

In this gameplay, we see the Barbarian charging through monsters with an axe in one hand and a hammer in the other, favoring constant close-up aggression over measured tactics. Special abilities let him send out a wave of force to damage nearby enemies, or power up his attacks with a special ability that leaves his flesh covered in flaming runes. The barbarian also has a larger, two-handed weapon strapped to his back, and you can choose which class skill uses which weapon to attack. The video also gives you your first look at a transitional cutscene, showing the Barbarian close-up as he escapes a dungeon through a creepy tune.

Diablo 4 Sorceress gameplay

That thing I said about "measured tactics"? That's the Sorceress. She prefers to fight from further away, slinging icy bolts and fireballs at monsters, or dropping down an area of effect blizzard spell to slow their approach and damage them simultaneously. Her coolest looking abilities may come as a shock: one fires out a single, enemy-seeking bolt of lighting that whips around the screen as it takes out monsters., and the other temporarily transforms her into a ball of lightning, making her invulnerable as she jolts everything nearby.

Diablo 4 Druid gameplay

The Druid is the instant favorite of the GI crew, and it's easy to see why. The Druid's abilities make him swap between human, half-bear, and half-wolf forms like it's no big deal (it happens automatically when you use certain skills), and he even gets to summon a pair of wolf companions. Pets are a familiar feature for the series, but Diablo 4 will make them extra convenient: if you have the ability to summon a Pet equipped, they'll automatically summon themselves whenever possible - leaving their ability button free to use as a "focus fire" command. It all adds up to create an adaptable character class with a lot of fun lore flavor.

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