Diablo 4 fans want Blizzard to warn them when servers are going offline

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Diablo 4 players want Blizzard to give them more notice when servers are being taken down for any maintenance.

Since Diablo 4 first went into early access launch last week, Blizzard has been forced to take the game offline for maintenance a handful of times. Sometimes it's to fix relatively minor things like the in-game store not functioning properly, and other times it's to deploy a whopping great update that rebalances classes.

Now, Diablo 4 players really want Blizzard to give them more notice when servers are being taken offline. The subreddit post below asks Blizzard to give fans proper warning before servers are taken offline, so players have time to get offline and save their progress.

Blizzard: PLEASE stop shutting down servers with zero warning from r/diablo4

"Agreed. Past games (including WoW, a Blizzard game) have always had a 'server maintenance in 15 minutes' kind of notice. It's weird D4 isn't doing that," writes one commenter in agreement. "I'll happily find a stopping point and log out and go do something else while they work on the servers, but getting kicked mid-dungeon crawl is dumb."

Plenty of players are pointing to World of Warcraft, another Blizzard-made game, as an online game that gives players warnings when servers are about to go offline. Even MMOs like Final Fantasy 14 give players in-game warning message when servers are about to go down, so everyone can scramble offline and not risk having their progress deleted.

What Diablo 4 players are really frustrated with is Blizzard making the new game always-online and an MMO-like, without providing any of the "benefits" of playing an MMO. "They market it as some great game to socialize and group up, then leave out the ways that make that easier to do. Not everybody wants to go to 3rd party apps to find like minded people to do ONE dungeon," one Reddit user writes.

But perhaps we're straying into different grievances here. Whether Blizzard has made Diablo 4 into more of an MMO or not, their players just want notice about the game going offline.

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