Diablo 4 credits feature over 9,000 people, including some Blizzard HQ security guards

Diablo 4 official keyart showing Lillith
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's credits list over 9,000 people, including the security guards working at Blizzard HQ.

As reported by MobyGames, a whopping 9,166 individuals were credited with the making of Diablo 4. The most common roles, according to the site, were related to audio, with 2,464 contributing to sound design and providing voice work for the action-RPG. 26 people also had the fun job of providing "creature voice effects."

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Elsewhere, the number responsible for art and graphics numbered almost 1,000, while those involved in quality assurance as well as programming and engineering were around 400 each. On top of that, there were 67 development babies, and a rather lofty 475 people were thanked.

The number is eye-watering even by modern AAA standards, but as Bloomberg's Jason Schreier points out, the credits mention everyone working at Blizzard, not just those directly involved in the creation of Diablo 4. This includes the physical security team at Blizzard HQ, who, given that companies aren't usually this thorough when it comes to credits, might have been a little surprised to find they got a mention.

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Those who did work on Diablo 4 were likely thrilled to see it become the fastest-selling game in Blizzard history. We were rather taken with their efforts too - in our Diablo 4 review, we described it as a "diabolical assault on the senses" and said that "sharp refinements to combat, gear, and loot systems make this one of the best action-RPGs in years."

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