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Devil May Cry 4's new weapon

Nov 29, 2007

At the recent Capcom Gamers Day in London, DMC4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi showed usa vibrant jungle level, Dante%26rsquo;s new (and absurd) Pandora%26rsquo;s Box weapon -see below - and a sexy, creepy boss named Echidna. %26ldquo;Leave my children alone, you bastard!%26rdquo; shrieks Echidna, twisting and turning through the air before landing and exposing a demented reptilian woman nestling inside.

Above: Check out more shots of Echidna here

Pandora’s Box is an insane new weapon used by Dante. After playing the first 12 missions as Nero, you’ll switch to the grizzled demon slayer for the second half of the game. The Box is a tiny cube that can transform into different weapons - a machine gun, a rocket launcher, etc. - and can also, amazingly, become a mobile gun that can fly around the level. It may seem overpowered, but Kobayashi insists its use will be limited. Dante also gets a blade weapon called Lucifer - you can leave multiple blades ‘hanging’ in the air, to be dispatched at a button press, but it was weedier than it sounds. We thought we’d lost interest in DMC, but it looks like we were very wrong.