Devil May Cry 4 demo coming soon

A new official website for Devil May Cry 4 has launched, counting down the days to the game's February 8 launch, and teasing us with details of the upcoming demo.

Update: At first glance it appears the site only commits to saying the demo is "coming soon". But click into the 'widget' section of the site and you can see clearly confirmation that the demo will be out on January 31, sneakily tucked away in the preview image of said widget. A mistake? Possibly (Cheers to reader Falko for the tip).

In the demo, which will be launched on both PSN and XBL, you will be able to play as newcomer Nero and fight your way through a variety of environments, before taking on one of the game's enormous bosses.

Here's what we think of the game so far.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 17, 2008