Deus Ex: Human Revolution tops Square Enix sales with 2.18m copies moved

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has proven itself the star of the last six months for Square-Enix, with 2.18 copies of the shooter sold in the US and Europe over the past two quarters – despite the game being available for less than half of that time. This success boosted the company's profits to more than twice what it had initially predicted for the period, and should finally make the executives who pulled the trigger on the Eidos purchase feel good about their decision.

The biggest fans of Eidos Montreal's sci-fi FPS were by far its European customers, with American sales figures coming in significantly lower than those of PAL territories. Square Enix reports 1.38 million sales for Human Revolution in Europe, compared to only 800,000 in North America. Japanese sales figures aren't included in the report, which includes figures up until the end of September (the game didn't launch until late October in Japan).

Square-Enix had initially predicted a company-wide ¥1.5B ($US19.2M) profit for the April-September period, but the company ended up posting earnings of ¥3.7B ($US47.45M). This is largely attributed to the success of Human Revolution, which Square Enix's report drily calls a “favorable result.” Human Revolution was recently updated with its first DLC, The Missing Link, but if the sales continue like this we expect there will be more DLC (or even a possible sequel) in the near future.