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Destruction AllStars Season One starts soon, bringing AllStar Pass, new character, and more

Destruction AllStars
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Sony has revealed the Season One update for PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars, introducing a new AllStar, new game modes, and more.

Destruction AllStars Season One has just launched, and thee's an in-depth rundown of exactly what's on offer thanks to the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab). This first season is called Hotshots and the headline act is the introduction of a new AllStar called Alba.

Alba is a grizzled veteran of the AllStars competition who is making a triumphant return after several years out of action, and she’s bringing a kick-ass battlesuit with her. Her on-foot Character Breaker ability summons blockers out of the ground in front of here, stopping opponents dead in their tracks. You can use these to save yourself from being run over, or tactically deploy them to disrupt your opponents.

Alba’s vehicle of choice is the Claymore, a high-tech machine that uses laser beams to attack nearby vehicles instead of primitive slams. These laser beams will damage AllStars and vehicles that are foolish enough to come too close.

Alongside Alba, the other big addition to Destruction AllStars is the AllStar Pass. This is a traditional Battle Pass-style unlock system, in which you progress through the ranks of the AllStar Pass, earning Season Points by playing games and completing challenges. As you level up the AllStar Pass, you’ll unlock new skins, emotes, avatars, banners, and shouts.

The AllStar Pass has 100 tiers to unlock. Some levels are available for all players to unlock but most require you to purchase access to the premium tier which costs 1000 Destruction Points.

This Season One update also adds a new game mode, called Blitz, and a photo mode so you can capture your most epic moments to share with your friends online. Blitz is similar to the Mayhem mode that you can already play in Destruction AllStars, but it focuses on short, intense rounds instead of a single Deathmatch style game. The first team to reach the score limit wins the round, and the first team to win enough rounds takes the whole thing. 

Blitz and Photo mode aren’t available straight away though. Photo Mode should launch a few weeks, while Blitz mode will drop in June. Destruction AllStars Season One starts launches on May 5, aka today, so drop what you’re doing and get stuck in.

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