Destiny changed the Ghost to get the story out of the grimoire and into the game

Alas, Dinklebot is no more. The sometimes-Lannister wasn't exactly a popular addition to cheese-happy world of Destiny so, much to popular demand, he's been replaceed by the voice of Nathan Drake, Desmond, well, pretty much everyone. Yes, Nolandroid is here and he's brought some of that innocuous but lovable charm to your floaty bot companion (along with five major updates to the Destiny experience you know and love). The decision to completely re-voice Ghost is just one of the big changes that comes with the new The Taken King expansion (including the addition of new big bad Oryx).

In the latest issue of Edge, creative director Luke Smith reveals the shift is all part of Bungie's desire to bring's Destiny's deep lore out of the Grimoire shadows and into the game proper. “We’re yet to meet our potential in getting Grimoire [material] into the game,” Smith says, wryly. “The thing we have done, though, is address the desire for lore with the Ghost. It’s a local, boots-on-the-ground purveyor of lore. In that opt-in way, there’s more of it in the game.”

To do this, Bungie is using new points of interest. Get Ghost to scan one and you'll get a bevvy of narrative exposition to give your surroundings a good dose of lore sauce. It's got the potential to add a real sense of depth to how your interact with Desiny's many environs, urging players to explore as much as they shoot.

The latest issue of Edge, with Destiny: The Taken King on the cover, is out now. Download it here or subscribe to future issues.

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