Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, November 11 - 13: Monte Carlo!

Xur, Destiny’s weekend Exotic trader, abstract poet, and semi-professional caving tour guide, is back. This week he’s in the Reef, screaming at the fog. He had a bad night last night, and he’s still really fucking drunk. 

But what’s he selling this week? Well… 

• Monte Carlo (Exotic Auto Rifle) - 23 Strange Coins
• Twilight Garrison (Exotic Titan Chest Armour) - 13 SC
• Fr0s5-EE5 (Exotic Hunter boots) - 13 SC
• Apotheosis Veil (Exotic Warlock Helmet) - 13 SC
• Legacy Exotic Engram (Primary Weapon) - 29 SC
• Prototype (Ornament for Truth) - 25 Silver Dust
• The Wolves Remember (Ornament for The Young Wolf's Howl) - 25 SD 

What’s good though? A lot of it, actually. The weakest is probably the Titan’s Twilight Garrison, though it’s still pretty decent. Allowing an air-dodge move, it’s not one of the most excessively powerful Exotics, but it is pretty handy for fake-outs in the Crucible and traversing big mobs of enemies a little safer in PvE. Slightly more exciting – though maybe not apparently so – is the Warlock’s Apotheosis Veil, which immediately regenerates health, grenade, and melee energy upon triggering your Super. 

It has limited use for Voidwalkers, but for Sunsingers and Stormcallers, it’s a hell of a comeback/buff tool, facilitating a mass barrage of close-range tanking for the former – especially if you have Flame Shield activated on your melee – and much safer electro-hands action for the latter. And if you’re a Stormcaller with Perpetual Charge activated, you’ll find it a huge boon to getting that loop rolling after a big Super assault. 

As for Hunters, the Fr0st-EE5s are pretty damn good too. Drastically improving your turning circle while sprinting – allowing much faster response times to threats while moving, without having to throw your aim off by increasing its sensitivity in the game settings – and even better, pretty much halving your grenade and melee recharge times when running at full speed, they’re a seriously enticing option. Obviously you won’t always been sprinting for long enough to get a full charge in one go, but the buff it adds is powerful enough to make a major difference. Probably more useful in the Crucible than in PvE, but a really strong Exotic overall. 

And Monte Carlo? Hell of a gun. A fast, powerful, mid-range Auto Rifle, it speeds up your melee recharge as you deal damage with it, and has a (high) chance of completely recharging your melee with any kill made. Couple it with a good melee ability – Sunsingers, if you use this with Flame Shield, you will be a juggernaut – and you have the beginnings of a really powerful, self-sustaining build. 

As ever, Xur will be around until 10am UK / 2am PT on Sunday, at which point he’ll head off to down enough booze to get his subconscious drunk. If he could just get two nights in a row without the nightmares, that would be something. 

David Houghton
Long-time GR+ writer Dave has been gaming with immense dedication ever since he failed dismally at some '80s arcade racer on a childhood day at the seaside (due to being too small to reach the controls without help). These days he's an enigmatic blend of beard-stroking narrative discussion and hard-hitting Psycho Crushers.