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Here's how much disk space you'll need for Destiny's 2.2 update

Destiny's about to take its biggest leap forward since The Taken King. If you haven't already learned about the new light cap, revised Infusion system, and changes in store for weapons and Warlocks, Bungie has put together a 4 1/2 minute primer video to get you up to speed. It also includes some footage of the new and revised Strikes headed to the game.

Bungie says the April Update will go up for download some time between 10 am PDT / 6 pm BST and noon PDT / 8 pm BST on Tuesday. It will take up a decent chunk of storage space, though not nearly as much as The Taken King update.

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There's a good chance that we won't see another infusion of new stuff on this scale until the next expansion rolls out later this year, so enjoy it while it's all fresh and full of secrets.

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