Destiny microtransactions were available on Steam for a bit and I have so many questions

Silver, the microtransaction currency that lets you buy emotes and other goodies in Destiny, popped up on Steam sometime in the last week or so. People were able to buy Silver packs despite the game itself not being available on the platform. The packs are no longer available but the question remains; what were they doing on Steam in the first place? It's so weird!

Here's the official word from Bungie community manager David "DeeJ" Dague.

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This definitely isn't an indication of Destiny 2 coming to Steam, I'll buy that. It would have been a stretch even without DeeJ's comments, given how big a deal Bungie and Blizzard made of its status. And I doubt Bungie has any plans at this point to launch the original Destiny on Steam because, again, But why would apparently not-faked Silver products ever have existed on Steam if Bungie hadn't at least considered the option?

Maybe the Steam Silver situation was just a leftover from Destiny's long, strange development? Perhaps, but it couldn't be that old; the microtransaction currency was patched into the game in October 2015, more than a year after launch. As that one weird patrol mission from The Taken King would say, "curiouser and curiouser". For now, I'll hope that all these loose ends lead to a surprise original Destiny debut on, letting PC players experience the whole saga in one place just like their console cousins. That'd be cool.

However it shakes out, you can try the Destiny 2 PC beta starting in just under two weeks. Read our Destiny 2 info page to find out more.

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