Destiny's Iron Banner returns, tries to leave laggy matches behind

The blood-flecked Iron Banner hangs over Destiny once more, this time with (hopefully) better matchmaking. Bungie tested out the new competitive multiplayer connection settings in the Control playlist over the weekend, and apparently they worked out well enough to form the new backbone of Destiny's week-long PvP event.

Put simply, the new matchmaking settings put more emphasis on connection quality. That means you should get fewer laggy matches, likely with people who are geographically closer to you. It also means there may be greater skill discrepancy between players. Bungie says there are still "minimal filters" to keep newbies out of the line of elemental exotic fire, but it's no longer the primary concern in the new system.

The new "Damage Referee" will also be in effect, which through various methods of applied space magic is intended to make players with worse connections have less of a paradoxical advantage over their competitors - those frustrating moments when a laggy player jerks out of your super ability and presses a shotgun to the back of your skull. The tweaks sound a little intimidating, but they do line up well with Iron Banner's more laissez-faire approach to power differentials.

The game type for this week's Iron Banner is Clash (team deathmatch), and as usual it will run until next Tuesday at 1 am PST / 9 am GMT. Playing well and advancing in Iron Banner ranks will let players loot or purchase new helmets and gauntlets for each class, including PlayStation exclusive pieces, and a new Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher.

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