This Destiny comic makes Cayde-6 look even cooler

We all love Cayde-6. Of all the guardians he's the one you most hope will appear at the front door with some beers and want to hang out. Which is probably why Redditor Spaceman-Spiff has created this excellent fan comic charting some of 6's pre-Destiny adventures.

The story's actually been worked up from Destiny's grimoire, so while it's a fan thing it's still cannon. The original author even pops up in the thread to confirm he wrote and say "HOLY SHIT, this is amazing! Man, I got a little choked up reading it." It took Spaceman-Spiff a week all in all and, despite the clamouring for more which even included talk of a Kickstarter to pay for it, it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing a full book. As Spaceman-Spiff points out, "as amazing as that would be, I don't think Bungie legal would let that Kickstarter get very far." Shame.

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