Destiny 2 The Lie quest fix coming this Thursday, Bungie says

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Update - May 20: Following reports that Bungie was investigating the bug at play in The Lie, the studio now says that the bug will be fixed in a hotfix coming this Thursday, May 21. Note that additional maintenance is expected today, Wednesday, May 20, but this is just in preparation for hotfix which will actually deliver the bug fix. No downtime is expected today, but Destiny 2 will be offline for approximately three hours starting around 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST tomorrow.

Original story: 

Destiny 2 players finished the community portion of The Lie quest over the weekend, but many players can't continue with the quest on their own due to a pesky bug. 

The first step of The Lie required players to complete the Seraph Tower event approximately a bazillion times - albeit only a fraction of a bazillion after the quest received a much-needed nerf. The Destiny 2 community polished that off over the weekend and was eager to move onto the individual portion of the quest, but as community manager DMG04 explained on Twitter, many have hit a bug attached to the Warmind Heuristics step.

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"If you're respawned at Eris when interacting with The Lie quest node on the Moon, you're in a bugged state," he said. "Will investigate first thing in the morning, and get you updates asap. If you're getting through this step without issue, let us know."

It's unclear what triggers this bug, so for now it seems to be luck of the draw. Whatever the problem is, hopefully it's fixed soon. The infamous Felwinter's Lie shotgun is waiting at the quest's finish line, and PvE and PvP players alike are eager to get their hands on it. Besides, the last thing the game needs right now is another bug blocking quest progress, especially after the joint grind that went into The Lie, and especially with Season 10 rapidly going down in history as one of the game's weakest periods. 

Bungie recently explained how Destiny 2's revamped Power system will work, and how the controversial gear rotation system will come into play. 

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