Destiny 2's latest community quest seems to lead to the infamous Felwinter's Lie shotgun

(Image credit: Ginsor via Twitter / Bungie)

A new community-driven Destiny 2 quest went live today, and if data miners are to be believed, this quest will ultimately reward players with the most infamous shotgun in Destiny history: Felwinter's Lie. 

The new quest is called The Lie, and its first step challenges the community at large to complete a whopping three million Seraph Tower Public Events on Earth, Io, and the Moon - a total of nine million completions. Completions are counted per Guardian, not per event, so if eight people complete the same Seraph Tower, that'd be eight points out of three million. That doesn't sound like a lot, and this quest will definitely take some time either way, but it could have been a lot slower.

This quest step was data mined last month by known API wizard Ginsor. More to the point, the whole dang quest was uncovered, and while we can't be sure all six data mined steps will line up, the consistency of the first step supports Ginsor's findings. On top of that, Felwinter's Lie recently popped up on, which catalogs new and upcoming gear found in Destiny 2's database. In other words, all signs point to the return of Felwinter's Lie, which is cause for celebration. 

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Felwinter's Lie was originally released in Destiny 1 as an Iron Banner-exclusive weapon. It belonged to the Warlock Iron Lord Felwinter, and it quickly became the most powerful shotgun in the game's history. It had obscene range and accuracy, letting it out-distance virtually all other shotguns and one-shot players in PvP from absurd distances. Based on the perk spread Ginsor found alongside the quest data, Felwinter's Lie will be every bit as nasty in Destiny 2. Its alleged unique intrinsic perk, Shot Package, reduces the spread of shotgun projectiles. This perk proved to be so powerful and meta-defining that Bungie removed it from Destiny 1 and never reintroduced it in Destiny 2 - until now. 

Again, the steps for The Lie and the perks for Felwinter's Lie - assuming it is indeed waiting at the end of this quest - are subject to change. Data miners have been wrong before, but Ginsor's also been right many times in the past, so this calls for optimistic but reserved assumptions. 

With the Guardian Games out of the way, The Lie is now positioned as the finale to Season 10, not unlike the Empyrean Foundation event that led to the return of Trials of Osiris and the start of the Season of the Worthy. However, it's possible that only the first step of the quest is a community effort, while the others will be completed solo like a normal weapon quest. We'll prepare a full-fledged quest guide once we know more about The Lie, so stay tuned.

Destiny 2 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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