Bungie nerfs Destiny 2 community quest The Lie to make it way easier to complete

(Image credit: Ginsor via Twitter / Bungie)

Destiny 2's latest community quest, The Lie, started just past Tuesday but it's already been nerfed to make it much easier to complete. 

Bungie announced changes to the quest on Twitter, and they're already live in-game. Two parts of The Lie have been changed: the rate of quest progression, and the difficulty of the Seraph Tower Public Event that the quest is tied to. 

Most importantly, quest progression has received a 5x multiplier for weekdays and a 10x multiplier for weekends. In other words, each Seraph Tower completion will now count as five runs Monday through Friday, and as 10 runs on Saturday and Sunday. The Lie originally required nine million individual Seraph Tower completions, and this change has cut that down to an average of 1.4 million or so. 

To help with the event itself, the strength of the Champion enemies that appear during Seraph Tower events has been reduced, and as Bungie put it, "event progression has been slightly tuned." That last bit is a little unclear, but players have reported that the event is now slightly shorter. It seems that the required number of energy balls has been reduced so that fewer plates are necessary to complete the event. 

These changes came just in the nick of time for The Lie, which, to put it lightly, has been poorly received. Between bounty fatigue from the Guardian Games and Seraph Tower fatigue from the initial Season of the Worthy grind, many Destiny 2 players weren't eager to collectively run the event nine million times in the coming weeks. Responses were so pessimistic, in fact, that players quickly began boycotting the event, and some speculated that the quest was designed to be failed as a setup for upcoming story content. 

Community manager DMG04 summarized player feedback in a Reddit comment. Many players felt that the initial goals were too high, the activity itself will inevitably drive burnout, the lack of Seraph Tower matchmaking makes participation difficult, and the immediate rewards for participating feel lacking. Critically, he also acknowledged feedback that Destiny 2 is holding community quests too frequently, with one coming seemingly every season nowadays. The short-term fixes to The Lie will help get it off the ground, but the way Bungie restructures future community quests in response to this feedback will be more important in the long-term. 

Disaster is coming to Destiny 2, if these datamined events are to be believed.

Austin Wood

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