Destiny 2 vidoc reveals the Season of the Hunt and some returning villains

Bungie's latest vidoc dev diary digs into Destiny 2: Beyond Light as well as the seasonal content accompanying it, and it contains some unexpectedly huge story moments. There are obviously spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you don't want to know any more. 

Beyond Light will kick off Season 12, now confirmed to be the Season of the Hunt, and the months following its launch will feature a few familiar faces. While Beyond Light is led by the new Fallen Kell Eramis, the Season of the Hunt focuses on Xivu Arath, the sister of the Hive god Oryx who we dispatched in the original Destiny's Taken King expansion. Xivu Arath summons Hive Cryptolyths throughout the solar system, including the walled garden that is the Dreaming City, and this sends Cabal, Hive, and potentially other enemies on a rampage. It sounds like destroying these Cryptolyths will make up the new seasonal activity, not unlike the Darkness ships seen in Season 11. 

Here's the kicker: as you challenge Xivu Arath, you'll work with Uldren Sov, the villain who was killed off and later revived by a Ghost in the epilogue for the Forsaken expansion. With his memories and allegiances wiped clean, Uldren, known nowadays as Crow (a neat throwback to a pre-release build of Destiny), is now an unlikely ally. And while you navigate this rocky partnership, another Hive god, Savathun, schemes in the background. Savathun is the star of the next major expansion, the Witch Queen, and Bungie says her plans will come into form at the end of Year 4. 

That's a lot to take in by itself, and the vidoc doesn't stop there. Beyond story and lore drops, the video gives us a look at the Cosmodrome and how it's been rebuilt for Destiny 2 (around 10 minutes in). The iconic destination is being plucked from the Destiny Content Vault and retooled for the Destiny of today, and this is its most detailed showcase yet. New character and planetary vendor Shaw Han takes point in the Cosmodrome, and it looks like we'll take on a reworked version of the Will of Crota Strike (aka the Omnigul Strike) as we explore old Russia. 

Altogether, this vidoc echoes Bungie's new approach to Destiny 2: setting up the next year while simultaneously fleshing out the upcoming season, and keeping the mysteries of the next expansion, Beyond Light, mostly behind the curtain. One thing's for sure: November is going to be a big month for Destiny. 

Bungie recently detailed a huge weapon balance patch coming next month.

Austin Wood

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