Destiny 2 Season of the Undying trailer teases a Vex invasion and the Shadowkeep raid

Today was an unexpectedly big day for Destiny 2. On the heels of new Artifact mods, Exotics, and Moon teasers, Bungie released a trailer dedicated to the season accompanying Destiny 2 Shadowkeep - the Season of the Undying. While the Moon is crawling with Hive, the Season of the Undying is all about the Vex, and it's centered around the Garden of Salvation raid set in the Black Garden. 

"We say that the Black Garden is the birthplace of the Vex, but it was not the beginning," Warlock Vanguard Ikora says in the trailer. "It was the reason. The life in the Garden called out a question. The Vex are the answer. They will do anything to protect the Garden. In these things, there is symmetry. The gateways have opened. The Vex are coming." 

Players have been wondering how the Vex would play into Shadowkeep ever since the Black Garden was listed as the next raid locale. For the uninformed: the Black Garden was the backdrop for the story finale in the original Destiny, but it was never properly explored. Even Destiny's first Vex-themed raid, the Vault of Glass, didn't pay it much mind, so it's nice to see such an important location finally get some attention. The theme of Season of the Undying also explains the Vex-themed Artifact that's cropped up in so many teasers. 

Incidentally, today's trailer seems to be an expanded version of a cinematic which leaked all the way back in February 2017, some seven months before Destiny 2 was even released. This suggests Bungie's been planning a Vex comeback and a trip to the Black Garden for some time, so it'll be interesting to see what they have in store. As Destiny 2 director Luke Smith explained in his exhaustive Director's Cut blog posts, future Destiny 2 seasons will focus on seasonal story beats and activities, so expect some Vex developments in the months to come. 

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Austin Wood

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