Destiny 2 Season 11: Start date, Season Pass, and everything we know so far

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Destiny 2 Season 11 is nearly here, and as the final Season of Year 3, it's carrying some hefty expectations. The Season of the Undying, Season of Dawn, and Season of the Unworthy were somewhat lackluster on their own, but Bungie maintains that they're all leading up to the events of Season 11, so here's hoping all that build-up will pay off in the end. 

One way or another, Season 11 is going to be an important chapter for Destiny 2, so we've rounded up everything we already know about the Season. There are still plenty of questions to be answered, and we should learn more as we get closer to launch, but these are the essential facts to note as we head into summer. 

When does Destiny 2 Season 11 start? 

Destiny 2 Season 11 will start on Tuesday, June 9 at reset time. As always, it will last about three months, thus carrying Destiny 2 into the fall season, at which point Bungie will presumably reveal both the next Season and its customary fall expansion.  

What is Destiny 2 Season 11 called? 

Good question! The title for each Season isn't revealed until closer to launch, so we're still in the dark here.  

How much does Destiny 2 Season 11 cost? 

The Season Pass for Destiny 2 Season 11 will cost $10. However, it's also the fourth and final Season Pass included with the deluxe edition of Shadowkeep, so if you purchased that back in fall 2019, you won't need to buy it individually. 

What's in Destiny 2 Season 11? 

Another good question! Season 11 will come with a 100-rank Season Pass with at least one new Exotic weapon, and we're also expecting minor quality of life improvements based on feedback regarding the bounties, Season Pass, and activities of previous Seasons. Beyond that, the final content lineup is largely unknown. History suggests we'll receive at least one Exotic quest, a Seasonal Seal and Title, and likely another Season-specific activity on par with the Seraph Towers or the Sundial. That said, Bungie's also announced plans to move away from temporary activities and invest more in core playlists like Strikes and Crucible, so it's tough to say. With this being the end of Year 3, we may also see a Moments of Triumph-style event.  

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