Destiny 2 players are helping a 69-year-old woman play the MMO with her son, and it's too wholesome

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You will never see the Destiny 2 community be any more wholesome than it has been this past week, when fans started helping a 69-year-old woman play the game with her son.

"In 2019 I was playing Destiny quite a bit," shrgae wrote in a Reddit post last week titled 'old lady says hello'. "My father passed away and I just lost all interest in the game. Recently my son convinced me to buy Shadowkeep and see if I could get interested in the game again. I figured for a $9 investment it was worth a try. Well here I am at 69 (female) and I am again addicted to the game." She said she's having a good time, but noted that "there's so much I don't understand about this game particularly what weapons to keep and how to select my gear let alone enhance everything."

The community quickly rallied around shrgae, offering encouragement, links to helpful guides, and even a fair few friend requests. But in another, more recent post, shragae says she's been struggling, even as she's cleared the Witch Queen with her son. "If we're in a fire team of three or six I am always last. On one of our efforts my son had over 300 kills and I think I had 20. I really do love this game and I'm enjoying it but I feel a little guilty that quite a few of you have offered to befriend me when I pretty much stink!"

The Destiny community is one of the most notoriously salty groups in all of video games, but you'd never know it from the responses to these posts. One user simply notes that "you’ll get better the more you play just keep at it! Also I know that if my mom played destiny, she could get 0 kills and constantly need a revive and I would still be so excited to play together."

"I feel that way about life," another says. "Everyone is always better than me. Just gotta keep pressing on and finding joy."

There are other responses with more specific advice, like checking out healing class builds or simply not focusing on the scoreboard. Perhaps the most surprising thing in all this is just how many other older players are popping up to show their support. (Shout out to the Golden Oldies clan.) The comments are universally heartwarming, and scanning through them is a lovely way to start your week.

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