Destiny 2 Menagerie chest glitch will be removed in July, so grind while you still can

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In record time, Destiny 2 players deduced that you can loot the chest at the end of the new Menagerie activity multiple times in one go by resetting the chest room. All you need to do is run far enough away that a new room loads in, then run back to the chest and put fresh runes in your Chalice of Opulence. This enabled players to collect eight or more copies of their desired drop in one session, which sped up the God-roll grind immensely. However, as Bungie announced in a blog post today, this glitch is getting the axe. The Destiny 2 Menagerie chest glitch will be removed on Tuesday, July 9. Afterward, you'll only get to loot the chest once per completion. 

"When Season of Opulence began, we watched as players quickly discovered a bug in how the Menagerie’s final chest granted rewards," Bungie said. "Players began to race out of the area and then back to the chest as fast as they could to get as many rewards as possible before being sent back to orbit. It felt reminiscent of when players were farming treasure keys from chests on their Sparrows leading up to House of Wolves.

"Consider this an error in your favor. We haven’t rushed to fix it, but when we patch on July 9, this loophole will officially close, allowing only one opening of the chest per completion. Until then, we invite you to take advantage of this all you like. Grow fat with strength." 

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Well, there we go. There's been an air of fearful optimism around this glitch for weeks, with many players wondering if it was intentional given the amount of free time granted at the end of the Menagerie, but in the end Bungie's decided to remove it. I totally understand the studio's decision; we were just plain never supposed to get loot this easily. At the same time, it's going to hurt to lose this glitch. We've been looting at 80mph for a month now, so dropping down to 10mph is going to cause some whiplash. 

If you're chasing a God-roll on any of the Destiny 2 Menagerie weapons, start grinding now while you can still get multiple drops per run, and check out our guide to the Destiny 2 Menagerie rune combos to find out how to get the rolls you want. If you start now, you can probably land a fair few God-rolls before the patch. The Menagerie will still be fun and worth doing after the patch, and it'll still be a much better grind than something like the Reckoning, but you should definitely take advantage of this glitch and, as Bungie said, grow fat from strength.  

Once you get all the Menagerie loot you want, be sure to knock out the Destiny 2 Truth quest. 

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