Destiny 2 may finally fix an infamous dungeon bug five months after it started insta-killing players

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted
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After nearly five months of unavoidable instantaneous deaths, Bungie has worked out a potential fix for Destiny 2's Duality dungeon and is hoping to release it this month. 

"The team has configured a potential fix for an issue where players could inadvertently die after ringing the Bell of Conquest in the Duality Dungeon," Bungie Help says on Twitter, answering the prayers of endgame players. "We are targeting our October 18 patch to release it, and will provide further updates here when available."

Bungie has touched on this bug before, and it's always been described as quite the troublesome issue. Duality was first added to Destiny 2 on May 27, so by the time this fix arrives – assuming it is a permanent solution – the Bell of Conquest will have been bugged for just shy of five months.

This is far from the only bug in Duality, but the insta-kill problem is particularly onerous not just because, well, it kills you, but also because it's so deeply tied to clearing the dungeon. Duality is built around a realm-switching mechanic where you ring a bell to swap between reality and a sort of nightmare dimension, and for reasons unknown to god and science, ringing this bell can randomly kill you, your entire fireteam, and often your enthusiasm for dungeoneering. 

Players have tried every conceivable workaround and precaution, stopping just short of bringing in a priest and/or throwing salt over their left shoulder, but there's no consistent way to stop the bells from killing you even if you're just clearing the dungeon as intended. This bug has gutted countless, otherwise flawless dungeon attempts, and it's been especially bothersome for the lone wolves attempting to solo Duality for its attached triumphs. In a team, it's sometimes possible to recover from one or two people dying to a bell, but it's obviously game over on your own. 

This has been a pain point for the Destiny 2 community ever since Duality was released, and as this Reddit post from dark1859 shows – garnering 1,100 upvotes since it was posted just four days ago – players are very much not over it. Naturally, after learning of a potential fix, Guardians are dancing in the streets and hoping beyond hope that Duality is finally, finally fixed. 

The worst part is, bugs aside, Duality is a great dungeon. We spoke to Bungie about its design and development back in the Season of the Haunted, particularly its decision to make the dungeon harder than usual

If you've been waiting for bug fixes or you just haven't tried it yet, here's how to beat the Destiny 2 Duality dungeon

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