Destiny 2 is back up after emergency maintenance

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 was brought offline for emergency maintenance and while it's back up there may still be lingering issues.

Late last night on June 24, Destiny 2 players began reporting a bevy of error codes after losing connection to the Destiny 2 servers. Destiny 2 error codes are named after animals, and the three most prominent codes were 'BAT', 'WEASEL', and 'PORPOISE.' Bat and Weasel are usually general network issues caused by poor internet connection or a spotty connection to Destiny 2 servers, while's entry for the Porpoise error code reads "If you continue to see this error, it's likely due to testing we are doing on our end, please pardon our dust."

At 10:46pm ET / 7:46pm PT / 3:46am BST on June 24 Bungie Help tweeted that the team was investigating issues that were causing the three error codes. Five hours later, the investigation was still ongoing. Bungie clearly ran into some serious issues, however, as it announced Destiny 2 would be brought offline for emergency maintenance as of 7:15am ET / 4:15am PT / 12:15pm BST on June 25. Thankfully, emergency maintenance didn't last too long, as it was back up a little more than an hour later - but with a caveat. Bungie is still investigating these issues, and players may still be experiencing connectivity problems.

The Destiny 2 emergency server maintenance came during what is typically a busy day for players as Xur's location and Exotics are set to be revealed later in the day. Plus, players are gearing up for the return of Trials of Osiris rewards. Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is currently live, and the Last City has been plunged into endless night. The Tower has been overrun by Taken Blights and the question of what the hell is going on with Osiris lingers. 

In completely different but related news, there's now a Destiny 2 charity toaster that's getting some interesting feedback from the community. 

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