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Titan’s introductory mission, Hope, also served to reintroduce players to the Hive in Destiny 2. With all the handshakes and hugging out of the way, it’s time for the Guardians set up a beachhead. (metaphorically speaking, of course).

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Destiny 2 - Titan: Riptide

Level Reccomendation: Level 4, Power Rating 50

This mission begins as soon as the cutscene after Hope ends, and starts with a lot of uninterrupted running and listening to radio chatter.

Saunter on over the bridges and circular structures your marker should lead you to until you pop out right behind some unsuspecting Hive. They won’t see you coming, because they’re preoccupied with fighting Fallen Vandals and Dregs. Neither will be happy to see you, however, so take them out in the confusion.

You’re looking for two boxy yellow pillars forward and to the right of where you entered this open area. They’re tough to miss, because there are even more Fallen and Hive fighting over a bridge next to them. The heaviest hitters are a Captain, shielded with Arc energy as per usual and a Hive Shrieker. The latter is that giant, floating, purple death turret above the center of the bridge.

If you played the original Destiny, you’re probably thinking this will be a big pain. Don’t worry, though. Shriekers still offload tons of irksome projectiles, but they no longer explode into heat seeking missiles upon death. So long as you take it out from a decent distance, it’s not much of a threat. 

Head towards the Hive infestation on the walls once you enter the structure on the other side. A Restricted Zone alert will warn you that you’re about to walk into another Hive vs. Fallen tussle. This includes suicidal Exploder Shanks, so don’t charge in headfirst.

Push forward, carefully, until you reach a bank of computer monitors overlooking the ocean. When the last enemies are cleared out, you can activate the middle console to unlock a big, red door to the right of the screens. 

See those glowing red lights? They're traps. When you get close, they’ll launch spinning spheres into the air that explode and slow down everyone inside the radius. You can shoot them out of the air to stop the debuff before it starts.

Continue following the Hive growth on the walls, dispatching the pair of unassuming Fallen that appear before you. Hang back a bit when you reach another room with massive windows looking out on the ocean. It’s another alien battleground with more Exploder Shanks; let them blow themselves up, or kill them before dealing with the rest.

There are more laser tripmines, like the ones seen in Combustion, in the doorway leading to the next room. You can clear them out the same way you did in the EDZ; by shooting one at its source and letting it trigger the rest.

Drop down through the silo-like cylinder on the other side of the mines. You’ll land on walkways covered in Fallen. The area is also speckled with those slowdown mines. Look or listen for them as they hop out of the ground and shoot them before they detonate. 

There’s a huge suspension bridge on the far side of the walkways. It’s narrow, but the clamps on the sides that hold the structure upright make good cover. You might need it, too, because Vandals will snipe at you the whole way over the bridge. If you have trouble, try taking one out, ducking behind a clamp to heal, and repeating as you press forward.

Some Knights, Acolytes, and Cursed Thralls are waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. Cursed Thralls are another breed of kamikaze grunts. Try to shoot the screeching, glowing goons near their allies. The resulting explosions damage everyone, which can save you a lot of trouble when dealing with large groups.

From there, it’s another straight shot across another suspension bridge. Except this time the clamps are not your friends. More Cursed Thralls are waiting behind them, just ready to pop out and ambush you. Walk forward, but do so with the intent to start backpedalling just as soon as the ambush triggers. Then pick the suicide bombers off from a distance once they’re visible. That’ll allow you to worry about more of the usual Hive grunts behind the Thralls.

There’s a long service tube to the right, after you finish off the Hive. You need to jump from this to the rig across the water. You can save yourself a hop or two by aiming for the outcropping where the tube once connected to the opposite structure. If you’re less confident, aim for the platform below and jump up.

Head inside where the Hive gunk is thickest. There’ll be some dark, caked layers blocking your path - as well as keeping the turbines Zavala wants you to clean from operating - but they respond to bullets just as well as punching. 

You’ll eventually surface to a wide-open platform. The much smaller platforms you need to hop across are lower down and to your right. Whack the Hive stragglers you bump into along the way while you’re at it. Their gross nest goo will direct you inside of another structure with another turbine in need of “scrubbing.” Shoot it, and continue platforming across to exit the turbine room.

The final battle of the mission occurs in an open platform. It’ll swarm with Hive foot soldiers, but the real threats are the Wizards floating above. These suckers encourage movement, since they can summon clouds of toxic smoke at your location. Focus fire on them, preferably with Solar weapons or powers. 

After clearing off one last chunk of Hive growth from a control panel, take a bow! You’ve unlocked the majority of Titan for public events, adventures, and the like. More than that, you’ve unlocked Utopia - the last mission in the Red War on that particular zone. 

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